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Naturum Sommen is situated in southern Sweden, between Linköping and Jönköping. Closest town is Tranås. Below you find maps and road descriptions that will help you find your way to us!


If you are driving from Tranås or Österbymo:

Drive south (from Tranås) or north (from Österbymo) on road 131 until you arrive to Ramfall. In Ramfall, at the petrol station, you follow the sign "Naturum" and turn left (from Tranås) or right (from Österbymo). Drive 15 kilometres on a beautiful road until you arrive to the northern tip of Torpön. Here we are!


If you are driving from Boxholm:

In Boxholm, follow the signs "Malexander", and follow that road for about 10 kilometres. Turn right at the sign "Naturum". Drive until you arrive to the ferry. During season, it crosses every half hour. Se timetable here (Swedish). Relax on a five-minutes ferry trip, and then you have reached the goal!



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